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Central America Health Sciences University

Central America Health Sciences University


Central America Health Sciences University(CAHSU) is a modern, technologically up-to-date medical school with standards comparable to those of worldwide universities. The CAHSU faculty not only prepares graduates to practice in the various fields of medicine but also to hold distinguished positions among their colleagues. The University was founded in 1996, chartered by the Governament, and is approved by the Ministry of Education in Belize. Central America Health Sciences.

University is listed the World Directory of Medical Schools published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland. The University is recognized by the Educational Commission on Foreign Medical Graduates(ECFMG) for students to take the USMLE and get into a residency program in the United States and by the General Medical Council for students to take the PLAB and get into a residency program in the United Kingdom. CAHSU is ahead of other medical schools that must adhere to standards set by their respective countries. This combined with innovative teaching methods better prepares graduates to practice medicine any place in the world.

Why a 4-Year Program ?

Students who take the traditional route with aspirations of studying medicine to become practicing Physicians in United States must complete a 4-year pre-medical program before applying to medical school. Many by their 4th year get discouraged by the harsh reality of how few of the highly qualified applicants actually are admitted to medical schools. Many of the students who do not lose sight of their goals and apply to medical school still do not get accepted (over 53%) and go on to study for a Master’s Degree with the hopes of becoming more competitive applicants. Because of this many medical school graduates are excellent academians but recent concern has been raised over the ability of these students in relating to their patients and establishing rapport Our 4-Year Baccalaureate/MD program is designed to help students develop the interpersonal skills that are everincreasingly lacking in present-day medicine while giving them the basic foundations and ample clinical exposure which are essential in helping doctors excel among their peers.

Plan of Study and Curriculum

The first graduating class of new students was admitted for the September 1996 term. Students are admitted every January, May and September of each school year. The school is conducted on a trimester system and has a pattern similar to that of US medical schools. All classes are taught in English. The Baccalaureate/MD program is scheduled over twelve (12) trimesters. Pending completion of all recquired coursework, in as little as 4years students can receive an MD (Doctor of Medicine) Degree, Students take their first 6 trimisters at our campus in Belize. The next 108 weeks in the affliated Hospitals.T CAHSU CAHSU< Belize Medical College’s Program of Study has been designed with objectives equivalent to those of American medical schools. The number of courses and hours are identical to the majority of American schools. Courses that are required by only some states have been adopted as part of the curriculum to avoid licensing complications for the graduate seeking licenture in any state in the USA. During the first six trimisters students will compete all the basic medical science classes and during the remaining 108 weeks the required hospital clerkships.

The medical program includes the study of the human body and its structure, function and coordination of its major systems. Lectures, conferences and laboratory exercises form a substantial part of the student’s course of study. The aim of our curriculum is to inculcate upon our students the knowledge of normal health, and an understanding of the physical, chemical, biological, psychological and social factors affecting a patient’s health.

Students acquire the essential skills needed for the practice of medicine, and are provided with the opportunity to refine their clinical skills through clinical training at the affliated hospitals. Clinical rotations are available in the USA, UK, Mexico and Belize. Every effort will be made to place students in the clinical facility of their choice. Also, Students who wish for and can secure positions other than at an affliated hospital teaching facility may petition to rotate through that specific hospital. Their petition will be approved if the concerned authorities classify the hospital as a teaching hospital.

Campus Technology

The campus is fully equipped with high speed wireless internet. Students are urged to bring their laptops with either a built in or external wireless card. Upon arrival our highly trained technicians will configure all laptops to the campus wireless system.

Evaluation of Curriculum

The curriculum is continuously evaluated and revised by the Medical Education Committee in order to keep up with the advances in the field of medicine and to assure the highest quality of education for the students. The program is continually updated and improved to ensure that CAHSU remains ahead of current methodology, technology, techniques and breakthroughs.

Licensing Information

After successfully completing the twelve trimester terms of training at CAHSU, Baccalaureate/MD students receive a Doctor of Medicine Degree (MD). Students are then eligible to compete a residency program, subject to the regulations of the country in which they apply for participation in such residency program. The university is currently in the process of developing several residency programs with the assistance of the Belize Governament. These programs will initially be in General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Family medicine, Emergency Medicine, Gynecology, Obstetrics and Radiology. Details, terms and requirements of these programs will become available in the future for those students expressing interest. All students are encouraged to research the regulations of their country or state in relation to physicians or specialists who have completed their training, residency program or specialization in another country. The United States Medical Licensing Examination(USMLE) is given in three steps by the Federation of State Medical Boards(FSMB), and is required prior to licensure in the USA. Passing the first two steps of the USMLE as well as the ECFMG English Test gives students the certification necessary to attend post-graduate residency training programs in the USA. This will qualify foreign medical graduates to apply for a residency program in the United States.

Student Housing

Name of housing Complex: Los Lagos Students at CAHSU, Belize Medical College are currently utilizing the area of Los Lagos as their student residency community. Prior to your arrival at the university, you are asked to contact the university and make contact with the Office of Student Services and indicate your housing preferences (some students prefer to share their housing with a roommate to save on costs). Los Lagos is located approximately one mile from the university or approximately five minutes driving distance. All houses are two bedroom, two bathrooms, one study room with desk and chair, sofa set, refrigerator, dining table with four chairs, TV stand, TV, Twin Tub washer, rug, shower heater, gas tank, plates, pots, pans, glass cups, knives, forks, spoons, two fans and a coffee table Note: It is the responsibility of the student to purchase any additional items that are not listed above example mop, broom, mop bucket cutting knives, mirrors and other items needed that are not listed! Furthermore, personal items should be obtained by the student and not at the expense of the university. Student housing is not owned by the University; houses are owned by local land lords functioning as a group to provide student housing


Central America Health Sciences University, Belize Medical College is located in Belize. Previously known as British Honduras, Belize lays on the East coast of Central America in the heart of the Caribbean Basin, bordering with Mexico to the North, Guatemala to the West and South, and flanked by the Caribbean Sea to the East. Belize is a small politically stable British Commonwealth country in Central America with English as the official language. Belize is most popular for its wide beaches, vacation spots, its semi tropical climate, and its proximity to the United States, Mexico, and South America.

The CAHSU campus is located at Mile 13 ½ on the Northern Highway, Belize. Belize is a small country, 8,867 square miles, about the site of Massachusetts. The capital city is Belmopan, which is a small city with a population of approx 19,458. The main population center in Belize is Belize City, The population of the city is about 180,000. The total population of the country is about 700,000: Belize is the most sparsely populated nation in Central America. English is the official language and nearly all people speak it. Spanish is the native tongue of about 50%, and is spoken by about 20% as a second language.

Belize Climate

The climate is subtropical, with a brisk prevailing wind from the Caribbean Sea. The country has an annual mean temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity is nicely tempered by the Sea breezes. Variation in weather features emphasizes the interesting difference in elevation, geology, plant and animal life. Summer high temparatures usually never exceed 96 degrees Fahrenheit, and winter lowa are seldom below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, even at night. Saltwater temperature varies between 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainfall ranges from 50 inches in the North to 170 inches in the South. Although the rainy season is usually between in June and August and the dry season is between February and May, global weather changes are making historical predictions somewhat invalid. At the end of October the weather does become cooler, and from November to February it is pleasant with showers of rain. Average humidity is 85 percent.

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Central America Health Sciences University

4 Year Medical Program (Baccalaureate/MD Program


Course Hours
Gross Anatomy 220
Medical Physiology 120
Histology 70
Embryology 40
Biostatistics 40
1st Trimester Total Class Hours 490


Course Hours
Biochemistry 120
Microbiology 80
Neuroanotomy 60
Human Genetics 40
Immunology & Allergy 40
Behavioral Sciences 60
Epidemiology & Public Health Nutrition 20
2nd Trimester Total Class Hours 480


Course Hours
Pharmacology 120
General Pathology 100
ENT 20
Respiratory Medicine 20
Neurology 20
Fluid/Electrolytes & Renal 20
Endocrinology 20
Dermatology 20
Legal Medicine & Medical Ethics 20
Tropical Medicine & parasitology 40
Psychiatry 60
Anesthesiology 20
3rd Trimester Total Class Hours 180


Course Hours
Gastroenterology 20
Hematology 20
Oncology 20
Orthopedics 20
Principles of Clinical Medicine 20
Radiology 20
Ophthalmology 20
Surgery & Orthopedic Surgery 60
Obstetrics & Gynecology 80
Pediatrics 60
Systemic Pathology 80
Geriatric Medicine 20
Child Abuse & Human Sexuality 20
4th Trimester Total Class Hours 460


Course Hours 40
Infectious Diseases 40
Molecular Biology 40
Cardiology 40
Physical Diagnosis 80
Forensic Medicine 40
Urology 20
Rheumatology 20
5th Trimester Total Class Hours 200
Total Clerkships = 108 weeks (72 weeks Core Clerkships+ 36 weeks Elective Clerkships)

Core Clerkships – Total 72 weeks

Internal Medicine 12 Weeks
Obstetrics & Gynecology 12 Weeks
General Surgery 12 Weeks
Pediatrics 12 Weeks
Family medicine 12 Weeks
Psychiatry 12 Weeks

Elective Clerkships – Total 36 weeks

Electives may be drawn frm the following list and they must meet the following criteria: They must be a minimum of three weeks in duration and must NOT exceed more than six weeks each. Students must receive prior approval and complete a minimum of six electives before graduation. A total of 36 weeks of elective clerkships are required for graduation.

Anesthesiology Clinical Pathology
Dermatology Emergency Medicine
Dermatology Emergency
Internal Medicine Gynecology
Neurosurgery Neurology
Orthopedic Surgery Otorhinolaryngology
Pathology Obstetrics
Pediatric Surgery Ophthalmalogy
Physical Diagnosis/Rehabilitation
Pediatrics Plastic Surgery
Preventive Medicine Surgery
Radiology Cardiology
Thoracic Surgery Gastroenterologys

* **As an essential elective all students are encouraged to include at least 4 weeks of Neurology as part of their electiv

Required Documentation

1. A completed application form

2. A $ 300.00US application processing fee

3. A letter with a personal statement detailing your reasons for pursuing a career in medicine

4. One (1) Letter of Recommendation from your high svhool Guidance Counselor or Principle

5. Two (2) Letters of Recommendation, preferably from professors or physicians

6. Copy of Birt Certificate and Passport

7. Official Transcripts from high school and from any other academic program attended during or since high school

8. Health Evaluation report, including Immunization Record

9. Law Enforcement clearance report

10. Four (4) color, passport size photos

11. Academic Resume

Required Documentation

Application processing fee (non-refundable) :$300.00 USD
Matriculation: (The matriculation fee is credited towards tuition and reserves the applicant his or her status as a medical student to assure placement in class.) :$2,500.00 USD
Tution per year Hospital Clerkship Fees (US$ 60-65/week Belize/Nepal, US$ 60-70 /week Mexico, US$ 500/week USA. Hospital fee is paid only during 3rd and 4th year of study and vary by hospital clerkship location.) :$8500.00 USD
Monthly expenses(food,accomodation etc in belize) :$400.00 USD/month

Note: Dear student all fee like tuition fee, hostel, medical Insurance, Registration etc. directly must pay to the university cash counter only.

Selection Criteria

An appointed admissions committee reviews all applications. Applicants are not accepted for admission solely on academic merit. The standards for acceptance are defined by: academic records, demonstration of strong commitment to the medical field, originality, personal experience and motivation of the student.

Admissions Process

The Admissions Office will contact the applicant approximately two weeks after receiving the application package. At this time the applicant will also be informed of any supporting documents missing from the application file.

A personal interview may be requested at the discretion of the Dean or Admissions Committee. All applicants who have been accepted into the program will receive a letter of acceptance. Students must make a payment of $2500(USD) matriculation fee to the Bursar’s Office in order to reserve the applicant’s seat in class. Tuition fees are due until visa approval.

Advanced Standing

Students enrolled in approved medical programs may apply for Advanced Standing Admissions. The applicant must have all transcripts sent directly from the current program to the Admissions Office. Transfer credit is accepted only from students attending schools listed by the World Health Organization and who are in good academic standing. The University cannot grant Advanced Standing credit for course work completed in the fields of Allied Health or from Chiropractic Studies.

Health Requirements

All students will be required to have a complete medical exam, including laboratory tests and immunizations. A copy of the results must be submitted before entering the University. All students are required to carry medical insurance. Attire: White coat, scrubs and Hospital dress code All students must bring a short length white lab coat. This is to be used in the White Coat ceremony as well as certain class policies. During hospital visits males must wear a long sleeve shirt, dress slacks, dress shoes and socks, neck tie and their white coat. Scrubs are required for certain classes as well.

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