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About Georgia

Georgia is a European country located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and West Asia. This country shares its borders with the Black Sea in the west, Russia in the north, Turkey and Armenia in the south and Azerbaijan in the Southeast. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi which is known for its diverse architecture and mazelike, cobblestone streets. The major area of the country is covered with mountains.

The Likhi Range divides the country into eastern and western halves. The eastern part of Georgia faces hot summers and cold winters while the climate in the western part is influenced by elevation. Georgia is a member of the Council of Europe, OSCE and Eurocontrol. It is also a part of the European Union's Free Trade Area since 2014. Georgia has shown a commendable growth from a near-failed state in 2003 to a relatively well-functioning market economy in 2014. Georgia has also been named as the World's number one economic reformer by the World Bank.

Georgia has maintained good relations with its neighbors and is a member of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the World Trade Organization, the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Community of Democratic Choice, the GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development, and the Asian Development Bank.

MBBS In Georgia

Georgia has successfully achieved 100% of literacy and is considered to be the best place for studying medicine in the world. The medical universities of Georgia are the premium and the best option for any student who wants to study MBBS abroad. The admission process for studying in Medical college in Georgia is very simple and hassle free. Students are not required to take any entrance test. The admission is done on the basis of the marks obtained in class 12th. After completing your MBBS from Georgia, you can directly apply for a screening test to get license to practice. The Medical universities and colleges in Georgia offer rich quality education with affordable cost as compared to other foreign countries.The facilities and infrastructure provided to the students are world class. The medical universities of Georgia have got a worldwide recognition and offer high standard infrastructure and education. The medical universities of Georgia are recognized by MCI and WHO. The students obtaining MBBS from Georgia are eligible to work on any part of the world.

Why MBBS In Georgia?

Georgia has become a hot destination for students from around the world who want to pursue MBBS abroad.
1. The medical universities of Georgia are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Medical Council of India(MCI).
2. The MBBS degree from the medical colleges of Georgia are globally accepted.
3. The students are allowed to participate in international conferences and seminars which helps them in gaining more knowledge and experience.
4. The students in Georgia get sufficient discounts on travel within the country.
5. The top medical colleges of Georgia offer world class education with high outstanding staff.
6. The cost of the complete course of MBBS in Georgia very low compared to other countries.

Benefits of MBBS from Georgia

1. The MBBS and MD degrees from medical colleges in Georgia are acknowledged by international bodies like World Health Organization and UNESCO.
2. Students pursuing their MBBS in Georgia are given chance to get an internship in some of the best multinational companies of the world within the country itself.
3. No entrance test is required for admission which makes the admission process much easier.
4. Students are given opportunity to do the practicals, experiments and clinical rounds to improve their skills in a better way.
5. The hospitals are well equipped with great infrastructure and technology.
6. The quality of accommodation is very good and comparable to other developed countries.


Georgia is sovereign state of Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, It is bounded to the west by the Bank Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and southeast by Azerbaijan. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi. Georgia covers a territory of 69,7000kM and its population is almost 4.7 million. Georgia is a unitary, semi-presidential republic, with the government elected through a representative democracy. Also, Georgia country medical education is famous across the world. Studying MBBS in Georgia is something worth considering in case of students who wish to study MBBS in Europe.

There are many WHO recognized medical colleges in Georgia. Students who wish to study MBBS in European countriesare choosing Georgia as their study destination due to various reasons. MBBS in Georgia benefits is huge in comparison to study MBBS in England or MBBS in Romania or any other European country for that matter. There are many WHO recognized medical colleges in Russia as well which are mentioned in the list of WHO recognized medical colleges but it all depends on the road-map, budget, choice of country and future prospects of individual students. MD / MBBS in Georgia is a new upcoming destination for Indian students. MBBS in Georgia fees is very affordable for international students. Medical universities in Georgia, Europe are quite renowned. Tbilisi State and Batumi both are the

government colleges advised for Indian students. MBBS in Georgia was not such a popular destination for Indians till 2011. Because most of the students who wished to go to east European country used to prefer either Russia or Ukraine. However, with Ukraine in trouble due to the war with Russia on eastern sector. Hence, the students were advised to shift to Georgia and Belarus instead of deciding to pursue MBBS in Ukraine . It is a dream for every Indian student to study MBBS in Europe. Hence it is very easy to sell anything if the promoters/agents convey you by promoting Georgia as a part of EU (European Union). However, Georgia is not a part of European Union. It is slowly becoming a popular destination to study MBBS / MD in Europe for Indian students. The simple reason is that the Agents representing various universities of Georgia are misinforming the students about the status of Georgia with respect to the European Union.

The students are requested to check this fct before deciding on the decision to study MBBS in Georgia. Medical colleges in Georgia country provide a high quality of education at an affordable cost. There are many medical colleges in Tbilisi and other parts of Georgia. One can also see this as a recent upcoming trend on MBBS in Georgia on Quora and so on. They are a part of the WHO international directory of medical schools and the world directory of medical schools. The WHO directory of medical schools list and the Avicenna world directory of medical schools, etc are an important aspect of medical education in the world.


List of Medical Institutions/Universities approved by MOE, China for admitting International Students for Academic Course 2017-18 in English Medium.

48 Georgia "AIETI" Medical School
49 Georgia AkakiTsereteli State University
50 Georgia Batumi ShotaRustaveli State University
51 Georgia David Agmashenebeli University of Georgia
52 Georgia David Tvildiani Medical University
53 Georgia East Europeon University, Georgia
54 Georgia European University
55 Georgia Georgian American University, georgia
56 Georgia High Medical School "Ayeti"
57 Georgia IvaneJavakhashvili Tbilisi State University
58 Georgia Kutaisi Medical Institute "Kutaisi"
59 Georgia LLC Caucasus International University, Tbilisi, Georgia
60 Georgia New Vision University, Georgia
61 Georgia PetreShotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy
62 Georgia Tbilisi Medical University "Hippocrates"
63 Georgia Tbilisi Public University "Metekhi"
64 Georgia Tbilisi State Medical University
65 Georgia Teaching University Geomedi, Georgia
66 Georgia University of Georgia

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