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Grodno State Medical University

Grodno State Medical University


Till 1939 Grodno was a part of Poland after that it became Belarussian city. The Grodno city is one of the most ancient city (founded 1128) located in the north west of the republic of Belarus The Grodno region comprises of 17 districts, 194 rural councils, 12 towns and 21 Urbanized settlements. Grodno region with its borders with Poland and Lithuania, is a good intergrating link in the trade of the countries of European Union (EU) and CIS & Asian countries.

At Present Grodno is a large industrial center with the population of 350, 000 inhabitants Grodno is situated on the bank of deep and beautiful river “Nieman” In fact it divides the city into two parts the old one & the new one. Grodno is a very green city with many parks, flowers flower beds and gardens. Grodno region has highly developed ecological clean agriculture that is why the city market are full of vegetables, fruits, meat & milk products

Grodno is a city of many secondary schools, higher educational Institutes, Universities. It has lot of places of interest like, historical & cultural monuments, two theaters, the regional philharmonic society, The Zoo, city has many ancient catholic orthodox churches, In general the climate is soft, there is not much snow & cold in winter and summers are warmth pleasant.

Russian Preparatory Faculty

All overseas students who wants to persuie their medical studies in Russian language have to study russian language for minimum 8 months During these months, They study russian, language and revise Biology, Physics, Chemistry. of +2 level in russian medium Medical studies they start. On Completion of language course they star medical studies in Russian language, along with Belarussian students.

English Medium Medical Faculty

Study of M.D. Physician course in english language was started in 2002 by the joint efforts of GSMU and Global Education Service More than 100 indian students are already studying in this faculty. International scientists and professors come to GSMU to deliver lectures. The students directly start studying in first year of M.D. Physician course without doing russian language The programme and syllabus of MBBS is same for both the languages but in english medium they save one year all the academic classes are conducted in english medium

Postgraduate Education

Overseas students continue their studies at Clinical Residency or Post graduate Training Course on a very wide range of specialties (surgery, pediatrics, cardiology, ophthalmology, urology, oncology, orthopedics and traumatology, otolaryngology, and radiology). The study at the Clinical Residency lasts for 2-4 years. Maximum of 3 residents can be enrolled at the same time in one department.


Library University has well equipped library facility all the books are provided by library on compulsory basis free of charge. It has central networking of library data base and 24 hours Internet connection allowing students quick access to World Wide Web. Hostel There are 4 hostels on walkable distance from the university . Hostels can accommodate 1840 students. Two of the hostels are flat type i.e. With attached bath room, toilet and kitchen. The hostels are centrally heated ( air-conditioned). Hostels are fully furnished. The basic system is two students in one room. Separate arrangements for boys and girls. Students can get Indian food at the canteen of the hostel and foreign TV channels (Hindi, Tamil etc.) are also available. All the hostels are well guarded with police security. Bed Linen is changed once in a week and hostel is cleaned once everyday. Students also have to strictly follow the hostel rules and regulations.

Sports & Cultural Activities

The cultural center organises cultural programs every year in which students of different countries take part. International Cricket Tournament, Chess, Championship, Football, Badminton Etc are some events of the year. the university also organises tours to neighboring cities and european countries for the foreign There has been n a cricket tournament between INDIA & PAKISTAN on 10th June 2004. In which Indian Team won the match & was granted trophy by Dean & The Director's of the Global Education Service. There are many Indian Dance & Cultural Clubs of the Local Belarussian Public. Students celebrate all Indian festival like Diwali, Holi, Baisakhi etc and there is a holiday in the university on that day. Ministry of Health. It includes theoretical and practical studies. Every resident follows the individual plan discussed with clinical supervisor. An enormous amount of research is undertaken individually or collectively by the staffs of the many departments at Medical University. There is a vast possibility of conducting research leading to Phd in different clinical and basic medical specialties.

Grodno State Medical University

The Grodno State Medical University was founded in 1958. It is a recognised government-educational, diagnostic and scientific center of medical science in Republic of Belarus. At present 50 doctors of science and rofessors,108 assistant professors, 209 candidates of Sciences are employed at the university. GSMU cooperates with medical educational and research centers in Poland (Warsawa, Khrakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Bialystok, Germany, Russia-Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tver) and other places. International Scientific and practical conference Scientific-Congresses, Lecturers and seminars on different problems

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Faculty of Foreign Students - More than 350 students from 26 different countries such as India, Syria, Lebanon, Poland, Israel, Greece, Lithuania, Armenia, Gerorgia, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco, Cameroon, Maritius etc. There are clubs and communities of foreign students at the university. Excellent students go to the West European countries to participate in medical Scientific conferences and symposia, they are granted discounts for their excellent studies. of Medicine are regularly held here. On 14th Feb., 2000 The ministry of public health of the Republic of Belarus Conferred the legal status of the UNIVERSITY to the Grodno State Medical Institute. This enables the university with great possibilities for co-operation in the field of education at the European level. There is an “Internet Center” with free access for foreign students to remain in touch with, parents. Libraries, Gymnasiums, Stadium, Sports hall are at students disposal. The foreign students are judged of knowledge by International program of Medical tests. After Graduation the graduates get international Diploma and are confessed the title of Doctor of medicine. The degrees awarded by GSMU are recognised by world health organization (WHO), Educational commission for foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG Philadelphia US), Lithnanian centre of quality Assessment in higher education, Federation Credentials '0*- verification Service (FCVS Dalls Us) Medical council of India (MCI) Nepal U.K. and Ireland etc.