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Harbin Medical University

Institute of China

Harbin Medical University

A General Introduction to Harbin Medical University

Harbin Medical University (HMU) is located in Harbin, a beautiful city well-known for its ice and snow and reputed as ¡°Eastern Paris¡±. HMU has a scenic view on the campus dotted with ancient-style buildings, with a total area of 2.36 million square meters. HMU was founded in 1926 and features a glorious history and tradition. It originated from the combination of former Harbin Medical University (its predecessor being Harbin Special Medical School founded by Dr. Wu Liande, a medical pioneer in China) and

2nd branch schools of China Medical University in Xingshan (its predecessor being China Red Army Health School founded in Ruijin, Jiangxi, in 1931). During the 80 years, HMU has inherited Dr. Wu Liande¡¯s spirit ¡°loving the motherland wholeheartedly and succeeding by self-made efforts¡±, carried forward China Red Army Health School¡¯s tradition ¡°firm political belief and excellent medical skills¡±, and upheld the motto ¡°integrity from the rules and learning to promote medicine¡±. HMU¡¯s strength has been increasing and become a medical school of huge capacity and distinct characteristics. HMU has now been one of the top medical schools in China. It is now a national base for basic sciences research and teaching talent development, and a key ¡°Project 211¡± university in Heilongjiang Province.

Requirements for applicants:

  • Holders of High School Graduation Certificate;
  • High School Official Transcript Record;
  • Students at college or students who suspend one's college schooling;
  • Applicants should be healthy and have good moral character without any bad conduct record;
  • Enough financial support for tuition and living.
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Application Procedure

  • Qualified applicants should fill out the application form;
  • An application fee must accompany the application for admission.The fee is nonrefundable, cannot be waived, and is nontransferable to other institutions.
  • Submit officially notarized documents (Translated into Chinese or English):
    Transcripts in senior high School;
    Diploma for senior high school graduation;
    Certificate for college/university graduation
  • Those who are qualified will receive an Confirmation Letter issued by HMU and a visa application form for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China (Form JW202). Applicants will need the two documents to obtain a student visa (X) at the Chinese Embassy with their health certificates

Course Design and Fees

HMU offers various medical programs for international students. Undergraduate programs include Clinical Medicine; Anaethesiology; Stomatology; Preventive Medicine; Medical Imaging.

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