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Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Please confirm the weight restrictions with Gold India Education Services before leaving for Abroad. For extra baggage you have to pay the Airlines the extra charge.
Keep important document in your hand baggage. Your currency & passport should be in your waist pouch.
Always be with your groups.
Follow the instructions given by Gold India Education Services.

Documents / Cash

College Documents

a. Original mark list of HSSC
b. Original board certificate of HSSC (if received)
c. Original board certificate of SSC
d. Copy of University letter
e. Original Eligibility certificate issued by MCI (if received)
f. Two attested copies of above documents
g. 22 photographs of passport size
h. Foreign Exchange (US$ cash)
i. Foreign Exchange’s original receipt (Parents are requested to keep the photocopy)
j. Health certificate
k. Internship Completion Certificate (for PG medical students)

Travel Documents

a. Passport (with visa & immigration clearance)
b. Air Ticket


a. Thick shirts b. Thick Pants or Jeans
c. One full sweater d. Two half sweaters
e. Two white aprons of knee length with full sleeves f. One Jacket
g. Hand gloves h. Woolen cap
i. Woolen socks j. Undergarments as required
k. Waist leather pouch to carry cash (US$) & passport. l. One man's suit / sari
m. One Indian dress n. Slippers
o. Pair of good thick shoes


Parents are requested to send the following medicines with their word for emergency purpose.

a. Cough b. Cold c. Fever
d. Stomach e. Upset f. Body pain
g. Headache h. Vomiting


Parents are requested to send (strictly to be packed in plastic containers) following with their names. Pickles
Masale (Spieces)
Dal (Pulses)
for initial use (Total weight should not increase by 3 kgs.)


a. Tooth brush b. Tooth paste c. Combs
d. Tongue cleaner e. Cold cream f. Hair oil
g. Bath soap h. Perfumes i. Shaving kit

At the Airpot

See the Gate No. for your Airlines and enter through that gate only.

Scan your baggage before you go to your Airlines counter.

Then go to your Airlines counter and show them your passport and air ticket.

At the same counter your baggage will be weighed and extra baggage will be charged. The baggage will be sent to your aircraft.

Collect your boarding pass, passport, air ticket, baggage coupon and receipt of the paid excess baggage.

You will get Immigration form from the counter, fill it and then take it to immigration counter.

After immigration clearance, go to customs counter for stamping your boarding pass.

Now proceed to Gate No. mentioned on boarding pass and wait at waiting lounge till you get further instructions for boarding the aircraft. 9- After boarding aircraft, sit on your allotted seat.